The Pros And Cons Of Canister Vacuum Cleaners

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In some of our previous articles weve already covered the major upsides and downsides of canister vacuum models along with suggesting the best canister vacuum cleaners for certain tasks.

In this article we will go over something a bit more different. While canister vacuum cleaners are a great tool for overall home maintenance and are quite popular nowadays, there are still a lot of things that people seem to be uncertain about.

Every type of vacuum has their own pros and cons. No one dare to say that canister vacuum cleaners have only upsides and no downsides. While they are pretty good at most things, they can be outshone by smaller, more specialized models in some situations.

Lets quickly go over the main pros and cons of canisters.

– Stronger suction power: Since there are not so many concerns for the weight and energy usage of the standard canister model, they often have bigger and more powerful motors.
– Better dust storage: The main upside of the whole canister business comes from the bigger dust capacity.
– Great filtration: Almost all of the modern canister vacs feature great filtration system, making sure that the air you breathe is safe and clean.
– Multi functionality: The wide attachment variety ensures that there are pretty much no impossible tasks.

– Large: Canister vacuums are larger and heavier than most other vacuum models.
– Expensive: The average price tag for a canister model is quite a bit higher than that of the other model types. But you still can get some quality models for below $100

Top Canister Vacuum Models
1. Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor is a great model of the medium price range. It is very quiet, lightweight and durable. It does very well on carpets (especially the low and medium pile ones), rugs and smooth flooring. On the negative side, many people find it somewhat little pricey and the feel that the plastic parts dont really fit the price tag all that well. The hose might also be a bit short for some. Again, as with other Miele products, there is a wide variety of attachments to choose from, further increasing the models functionality.

2. Sanitaire SC3683B is a very decent model, which stands between the low and the medium price ranges. It offers very nice 10 amps suction power, its very lightweight and durable. However, it is quite loud so you may want to avoid using it while others are resting or having a conversation in the next room. It does well on hardwood floors, bare floors and upholstery. There are six pieces of attachments included for your cleaning needs.

3. Panasonic MC-CG937 OptiFlow is a great, quiet and multi functional model of the medium price range. It performs very well on all types of carpet and bare floors, and has no trouble dealing with pet hair, which quickly turns it in to a great choice for pet owners. It does have its downsides, however. Not only is it heavier than other models of the same caliber, but it also happens to be louder. It doesnt have the longest of wands either, which shortens its cleaning range. These things dont really hurt the models performance all that much, but do matter a lot in certain situations.

4. Miele S8990 UniQ is our most expensive suggestion. And as such is the model that we feel gives you the best bang for your buck from the high class vacuums. It performs exceptionally well in all types of domestic tasks floors, carpets and rugs. The model comes with a wide variety of extra tools, an Active HEPA filter and 12 Stage AirClean Sealed System. It is very durable, and Miele state that the average life expectancy of the model is 20 years. The most major downside of the UniQ is obviously its price tag, followed closely by the fact that it still has plastic parts. The plastic parts, however, do play a big role in the vacuums weight, making it one of the lightest high class products that you can get.

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