Let The Walls Do The Talking

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Had a tiring day at work? After a long and tiring day of work when a person returns home, what he searches for is peace and comfort. An individual finds serenity and a feeling of belongingness at his home, which kills the stress and in turn, makes him feel happy and relieved. Even after a hectic day at work and after a meeting with the client, which did not go well, when an individual returns home, he forgets all the tensions of his day and feels jolly at his place. Such is the magic of oneâs own house. home decor
What if we increase the magic and add some flavors to it by doing some experiments! Why not show some creativity on the walls to make the place feel snugger and create an ambiance which goes as per the personality of the individual?

Let us experiment with the walls

There are numerous ways, by which you can decorate the walls of your house and make your house look stylish and classy.

Try a large-scale piece of art

If you are fond of art or an artist in yourself, you can always for a huge painting for your living room. A huge painting adds volume to the room and enhances the look of the room. The oversized painting will grab the attention of your guests and sets the tone of your living space. You can try different kinds of art such as a Black and white classic painting or an abstract art with vibrant colors. Why not paint one by yourself if you are good at playing with colors!

Make a gallery wall

What will be better than framing the photos and memories with your loved ones in a frame and hanging them on the wall! Not only will it decorate the wall but also, it will also bring a smile on your face whenever you pass by that wall. The memories and special moments captured in those frames will increase the glee and help you to relive those beautiful moments.

Therefore, here is what you need to do. Just get some of the best photos frames in some artistic or simple and classic frames and hang those frames on a single wall closely with each other in a random manner. You can also add some pieces of art in between those photos to enhance the look.
Consider showcasing a fabric

A woven wall hanging or a tapestry will add pattern and color to your walls. Along with this, it will add a taste of softness and richness to the room. You can frame the vintage fabric such as scarves or other beautiful textiles and hang them on the walls. Moreover, a positive point with hanging the fabrics is that it is a lot easier to move the fabric as compared to framed paintings.

Play the reflection game with mirrors

Mirrors reflect the incident light on them, and thus, they make the place to appear brighter and bigger. Hanging mirrors is in trend nowadays. You can hang an oversized mirror with a classic or ancient frame and place it in the living room or hang it on the walls to give a classy look to the walls. You can also go for some small mirrors with some funky or sophisticated frames and hang them on the walls in style to make the room appear modish.

Give a try to wallpaper borders

Wallpaper borders bring detail, character, and color to the room while giving a new look to the room. There are several kinds of wallpaper borders available in the home décor stores and you can go for the one which delights your taste. Whether you want a wallpaper border for your kitchen, bedroom or living room, the different styles of wallpaper borders will serve the needs of all your rooms.

If you are a lively person and are fond of colors, you can try some wallpaper borders with vibrant and vivid colors or else, you can go for some artistic abstract work if you are fond of art. There are different kinds of wallpaper borders to suit all your moods and go with your styles. You can give a retro look to your house with some classic border or a rich look by an antique design. You can go for floral designs or some simple designs if you love being at peace.

The wallpaper borders are of basically two kinds. For the former kind, you need to apply gum or some adhesive substance on one side of the wallpaper border and then paste them to make them stick on the wall. The latter category is pre-pasted wallpaper borders. The latter category of wallpaper borders is like postage stamps on which the glue is applied beforehand. The glue remains in its dried form and you need to bring it back to life to activate its adhesive nature.

Learn how to install pre-pasted wallpaper borders with the following steps.

⢠Unroll the wallpaper border and place it in water to make it wet.
⢠Keep the border between plastic sheets and allow it to sit for some time. This is done so that the paper of the border soaks the water and does not shrink after you paste it on the wall.
⢠Now, start pasting the border on the wall, starting from a corner. Use a wet sponge to remove the bubbles between the wall and the paper. Make sure that the wallpaper is uniform without any bubbles erupting in between.
⢠Remove the excess adhesive material with the help of a wet sponge.
Pasting the pre-pasted wallpaper border is simple and you can do it by yourself at home. You do not need to contact an expert for this task. However, you need to be a bit careful while pasting the border and make sure that the border appears smooth and uniform.
Now, you have some amazing ideas to decorate your walls and enhance their look. Get started with the one you like.

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