In A World Where Working Online Is More & More Common, Why Not Choose Where To Work From

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As we move to a more decentralised world, with technology changing the way companies and individuals operate, this freedom of movement is giving people the chance to relocate while still being able to deliver skills and services to customers and employers remotely. 

If it is possible to work anywhere whether is full time or part time the big question is where, when you can live anywhere whether it is part of the month, part of the year or full time, the question is becoming more and more common. 

With people in northern Europe experiencing high rainfall, dark and cold winters as well as short summers, southern Europe is becoming more and more popular, in particular Southern Spain and the costa Del sol. 

The Costa Del Sol experiences mild winters with the mercury rarely dipping below 15 degrees celsius, add to that over 300 days of sun and the outdoor lifestyle naturally becomes your way of life. 

The rolling hills make it not only perfect for outdoor walks and cycling but for those who are a little more adventurous mud buggying is a great activity. The hills also provide many stunning views which is why you see many beautiful and unique homes nestled into the hills with views of Africa and the mediiteranean. 

Marbella has a low crime rate, high standard of living and the quality of food and life are what brings so many people, the unique microclimate means the temperatures are never too extreme either way and the hills are covered in greenery which really adds to the charm of the area. 

Not only is the natural side of Marbella world class, but the restaurants, golf courses, hotels and amenities are of the highest quality in Marbella Spain with particular attention on the luxury side of things.

Due to the large amount of interest in such a small area the property prices are not as cheap as other parts of Spain, and in some cases the property prices are a closer match to beverly hills than anywhere else in Spain. 

With Spain allowing non residents to stay up to 6 months with no residency and therefore no income taxes, this makes it perfect for wealthy investors or business owners looking to split the time between Spain and their home country. The Spanish government is also trying to encourage this with the introduction of an entrepreneurs visa aimed at encouraging business owners to operate in Spain. This is a new addition with other popular visa such as the golden visa giving full living visas for 500,000 investment in spain.

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