Using Microfiber Mops For More Effective Cleaning

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Germs are everywhere. They are microorganisms that can be seen through a microscope. They can be found on your floor, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and other areas. Cleaning your home regularly prevents dirt buildup. Germs that multiply on dirty floors can make anyone sick. This is why you shouldnt neglect cleaning the floor. Cleaning floors frequently is imperative to good health.

What are microfiber mops? The best way to clean and make your floors safe from bacteria that can cause illnesses is by using a microfiber mop. Microfiber mops are made to be more effective and efficient than the standard mops typically advertised. Microfiber mops are made of microfibers that are 200 times thinner than human hairs. When these microfibers are tightly woven together, they can make a net-like material that can absorb spills of liquid, collect dirt, and debris.

Are microfiber mops more effective than standard mops? Microfiber mops can clean your floors in a short period of time. You can remove sticky spills and stains, footprints, and pet dirt. The microfibers work well on their own just by using water. No bleach is needed for cleaning.
Mopping the floors using a microfiber mop will not leave any traces of residue. This will make your floors squeaky clean and free from germs. Microfiber mops are smartly designed. They can reach more corners that you cant reach just by using standard mops.

Microfibers are lightweight, as compared to cotton mops. Since microfiber mops use about less water than standard cotton mops, they are easier to lift and control that can prevent injuries from mopping. In addition to this, floors that are mopped with microfibers dry faster which lessens accidents that involve slips and falls.

What research says about the use of microfiber mops – Using microfibers mops like this dredge mop found on, is the most effective way of removing germs and bacteria when disinfecting. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducted a study that showed how effective fine microfiber is when cleaning surfaces. Microfibers that only have a diameter of 0.38 micrometers have an effectiveness rate of 93 percent for viruses and 98 percent for bacteria. These figures are shown even when just using water.

Cotton, on the other hand, shows a cleaning effectiveness rate of 30 percent for bacteria. The effect on viruses is on a similar note, as it can only clean 23 percent. The simple cleaning and disinfecting of floors is a big step to reduce the spread of infection. A microfiber mop is your ultimate solution to make your place as hygienic as possible.

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