The Bagless Vacuum Has Revolutionized The Cleaning Industry

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When the bagless vacuum was introduced it changed the carpet cleaning process for the better and made it from one that we usually dread to one we don’t mind. There are many benefits to going with a bag free unit as opposed to the old fashioned bagged ones.

And although the bagless vacuum has had such a huge impact on the industry, there are still some things to consider when browsing for the right product to clean your home. This is because the bagless cleaner also have the drawbacks so that is why some people prefer a bagged vacuum cleaner.

Why Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?
Any person who has had to constantly buy bags for their vacuums and deal with changing them often is very thrilled at using a bagless vacuum. This great invention will not only save them time, but also save money in the long run.

Another big benefit to owning a bagless cleaner is that it is very easy to clean. All you need to do is empty the dirt chamber and reinstall it. It’s that easy. Alternatively, the bagged version requires quite a bit more effort in addition to money as you need to buy the replacement bags.

The biggest obstacle that people who own bagged vacuums face today is locating a fresh bag for their machine when they need it. This may seem like an easy task but these bags fill up with dirt and dust very quickly. The bagless cleaner just needs to be emptied and it is ready for use in a matter of seconds, while the bagged version has to be fitted with a new bag.

It is common to forget where you stored your vacuum bags after the last trip to the store, and it’s even more common to forget to keep enough of them on hand. Nothing is more upsetting when you are trying to get your house clean than not having the right pieces for the equipment you are using. The bagless vacuum never needs anything to work to its fullest capacity, except of course electricity.

Another thing that can cause problems with bagged vacuums is finding the correct bag for your specific model. You need to make sure you jot down the details about your type of vacuum such as the make and model or you will be pretty much out of luck when shopping for a replacement bag. Nowadays there are far too many different sizes and designs.

The bagless vacuum was built to help people avoid the annoying task of locating bags that fit and keeping them on hand at all times. The convenience of this bag free design is greatly admired by anyone who has to keep up with household chores on a weekly basis.

The Cons
Of course the bagless canister vacuums also have some disadvantages. One of the major issue that faced by those bagless gadget is that when the dust container getting fill ups, the vacuum power will start to reduce and hence required empty the bin often. So, the capacity of the dust container is very crucial or else you need to clean/empty it very often.

Then, the next issue is about hygiene. How easy you can empty the dust cup? Nowadays, the process of emptying the canister vacuum duct cup is pretty easy just push of a button and youre done.

Also, for allergy or asthma sufferers you should get a bagged cleaner and better equipped with the HEPA filter to ensure the air freshness.

For more info on the best bagless canister vacuum models and reviews, click here.

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