The Advantages Of High Sleeper Beds

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Browsing online for high sleeper beds is a great way to get the best quality at reasonable prices, and saves a lot of time traipsing from store to store.

Young children generally occupy the smallest bedroom and a high sleeper bed is a great way to make maximum use of a small space. Children like to keep everything in their room; not only clothes but also books and toys etc.

High sleeper beds can be found with extra storage underneath, like shelves, drawers, and pull out toy boxes, or even wardrobes. They can also have a desk and shelving below the bed, so that the child has somewhere to do their homework and study quietly.

My children were keen to get high sleepers in their rooms as some of their friends have them and they were impressed with the space that friends had in their rooms to play and entertain. I decided to visit a friend’s house where their children have high sleeper beds and I was very impressed with what I saw. Having a study desk and storage underneath the bed not only gave more space in the room but kept the room looking much more compact and tidy. I decided to do some research for myself and I found the manufacturers offer different designs for all ages; from nursery up to teenage. In fact even an adult with limited space could benefit from a high sleeper bed.

Online I found a lot of well-known names like Stompa, Gemi, Scallywag, Thuka, Verona and more; offering a selection of high sleepers, mid sleepers, cabin beds, bunk beds, loft beds, beds built like cars and other themed designs.

Ours chose their own beds in Stompa Casa 9 and Kaliko; both featuring a high sleeper bed over a desk, bookcase, cupboard and drawers. These are ideal for keeping computer, books and all their study items together tidily, along with some personal goods. After redecorating the rooms, we all waited eagerly for the beds to be delivered. We did not have to wait long, nor did we have to pay for delivery, and both beds were easily and speedily put together.

Whitewash and bright colours for the little girl to keep her books, toys and DVDs, while our son chose blue antiquity with computer stand and chair alongside two storage units.

Purchasing online gave us the opportunity to get a really good deal on a pair of mattresses and a headboard for ourselves too. The cheapest headboards I found are here, and they delivered for free the very next day.

Once the rooms were prepared with their new additions, the children were amazed at the extra space they had and enjoyed putting away all their possessions. They were also very happy with the comfort of their sturdy and attractive beds.

Their cousins came with my sister to take a look and they were amazed at the way the rooms looked and the extra space available, and the children had great fun climbing the ladders and testing the beds. I think they will soon be purchasing their own.

Children are sure to enjoy the extra space created in their rooms by high sleeper beds, while younger children may like one of the specially created Scallywag beds. An online search will reveal the Kids Beds Online Store, where you will find a large assortment of all of these and more, at affordable prices.

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