How To Create More Privacy In Your Home

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Whether you like to walk around in your underwear or dont want people knowing what you have in your home when they pass or look over the garden fence there are ways that you can increase the privacy in your home so that it really is your own personal space. The thought of others seeing what you are doing in your own home is something that is a concern for many people. You will have more than likely taken steps already to increase privacy in your home with blinds or frosted glass, but there are additional ways to increase the privacy.

Make your backyard private

If your house is already on lock down but you have neighbours in close proximity and a back yard that is open the chances are your neighbours can see what youre up to. Although the majority of people are not overly bothered by the neighbours spotting them hanging out washing or gardening, those with hot tubs or intrusive neighbours may want additional privacy to the rear of their home. The first thing you should do is to get a taller fence installed, but if you prefer you could also use other things such as trees or plants to keep nosey neighbours at bay.

Protect your windows

Although windows are great for helping you enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without actually stepping foot outside, they can also be a way for people to look inside. if you dont have frosted glass then you could purchase a film which can give you additional privacy yet still let sunlight in. there are also lots of designs of shutters available if you dont want to totally close yourself off from the world and choose when you want them open, closed or partially open to alter the privacy level as you need. Another method to try would be thin blinds which let in sunlight but keep out nosey people.

Rearrange the furniture

If your main living space is like most people at the front of your house, you will probably be concerned with people seeing what you are doing day to day. You could rearrange the rooms entirely so that you can make the room at the front of the house a room that isnt used as often such as a bedroom where you can close the curtains when you most need the privacy. Your nice new flat screen TV or pile of ironing you forgot to do will no longer be on full show for the world to see.

Make your balcony private

Balconies are great for relaxing and getting some fresh air without having to venture far from home, but as the majority of them are located on the front of the house it can also mean that everyone passing or living nearby knows what youre up to up there. To get more privacy on your balcony its a good idea to purchase a privacy screen. Alternatively, you could use tall plants or bamboo over the railings to keep your private space private.

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